Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Executive Search process at Efflux Sourcing follows a detailed, structured and result oriented approach. The process implies step by step method starting from understanding the client’s requirement to effective closure within the agreed timeline. The search process is detailed as

Understanding the Client’s requirement:

Chalking a Search Plan


This includes mapping of both client’s requirement and individual’s career aspirations. The candidates are spoken to about the position at length and we also try to understand the perspective of the candidate.

Closing on the Best Fits

An in-depth evaluation of the candidates is done to choose the right fit.

Evaluation by the Client

On receiving the shortlist from the client, the meetings/interaction between the client and the candidates are coordinated.
Additional candidates are developed, while interviews are in progress, to ensure that a continuous stream of viable candidates is in process. We endeavor to present the client with adequate number of candidatures to choose from.


Throughout the search process, we maintain ongoing communication with the client, to ensure that the search process flows smoothly and expeditiously. Feedback is sought from the client for every candidate.
Once the client confirms on the selection of the candidate, verification of references and credentials are done at the stage of the candidate being offered

Value Added Benefits

We consider ourselves as the extended brand ambassadors of our clients and work towards projecting the benefits of association with them to the prospective candidates. We align the selected candidate to the business vision of the client before the on boarding process.

Risk Mitigation

We thoroughly understand the business criticalities of the client and have defined back up stream of candidates to enable the clients to meet their business objectives.